Dried Fruit Biscuits


I saw this recipe on Pinterest about a year ago and filed it away for future use. I am auditioning recipes for the holidays, so on Saturday night while the Hubs was at the theater, I did a little baking.


(Lesson 1: the rolling pin is bigger than the sheet pan.) anyway, I had a premade pie crust lolling around, so I let I thaw, and rolled it out. I had chopped up some dried raisins, cranberries, and apricots. Place the fruit on the bottom sheet and cover it over with the second crust and and roll it out so the fruit is pressed between two layers.


Use a cookie cutter to get your shapes and lay them out on your baking sheets. I had teeny weeny leaf and acorn cutters so I used those. I did some little cuts on the leaves and acorns for details.

Like all cut cookies, there are scraps , so I just collected the scraps and rolled them out again and used a square cutter to make some larger crackers.


Bake at 425 degrees for a fast 8 minutes, even a little less if you have small ones.
The Hubs declared them delish when he arrived home before attacking the Chinese food I had procured. I think they will be great with slivers of a great cheddar cheese or as a garnish to a wintery root vegetable soup, like butternut squash bisque.
They bear an amazing resemblance to these classics

But they are not as sweet, easily fixed by sprinkling the top crust with a little sanding sugar.

One comment

  1. These look fantastic! And it’s always good to have an easy hors d’oeuvres recipe for the holidays. Definitely going to try these!

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